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Hive Launches Obkio Public Agent

Hive is glad to announce the deployment of an Obkio Public Agent. This new server will allow customers to test and validate network performance, between their infrastructure and Hive’s backbone, either internally or from the internet. Customers with private links to the data center will also be able to validate QOS (Quality of service) between

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Why Hive is the best 1U server colocation provider in Montreal

Hive’s team has put a lot of effort into making its 1U server colocation services the best available in Montreal. Although most colocation services look similar on the surface, there are tons of small details that make a huge difference in quality. Proximity and 100% dedication Hive’s team is 100% local and dedicated to the

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Hive launches new data center IOT platform

Hive has a unique philosophy in regards of the data center colocation industry. Even if clients rent space and power in colocation facilities for peace of mind, Hive thinks that a colocated data center should feel like your own data center. Therefore, Hive is bringing a new level of transparency into the colo market with

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Hive launches new connectivity platform

June 1st 2020 – Hive announces it’s new Hive Fabric services. In an effort to help its clients connect rapidly and scale more easily, Hive launches its new low-latency platform that allows all its clients to easily connect with each other. A major problem that Hive has found in the data center industry is that

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