Access Tier 1 & Tier 2 Networks

Standard Connectivity


per month

Cross-Connect made accessible

No install fee on the 1st cross-connect with a 42U cabinet

A central connectivity point

Introducing Hive Fabric


RJ45 / SFP

$ 0 / mo
  • Unlimited
  • Free Cross-Connect
  • Up to 5 VLANs
  • Free with 1U colo


RJ45 / SFP

$ 35 / mo
  • Unlimited
  • Free Cross-Connect
  • Up to 5 VLANs
  • Free with 1-20U Colo



$ 50 / mo
  • 95th Percentile
  • Free Cross-Connect
  • Up to 5 VLANs
  • Free with 42U Colo



$ 75 / mo
  • 95th Percentile
  • Free Cross-Connect
  • Up to 10 VLANs



$ 95 / mo
  • Unlimited
  • Free Cross-Connect
  • Up to 15 VLANs

How it works

With a single cross-connect, reach all the service providers you need within Hive’s ecosystem.

Public VLANs are pre-configured for open internet usage and customers may order extra VLANs for private use.

The fabric is based on a layer 2 switch core, with non-blocking links between nodes.

List of connected networks

Organization Speed ASN Services
Hive Data Center 10G N/A Out-of-band Management
ELPC 20G AS7883 Internet, L2 Transport, Cloud, VOIP
XCD Telecom 10G AS398041 Internet, L2 Transport
Haute-Vitesse 1G AS13465 Internet, L2 Transport
Babish Telecom 1G AS398292 Internet, L2 Transport
KMH Inc. 10G AS62788 Hosting for non-profits
Mael Gramain 100M AS213253 N/A
Private Customer 1G N/A
Private Customer 10G N/A
Private Customer 5G N/A


All Hive DC colocation clients get a free cross-connect to the fabric (copper or fiber).

Absolutely not. Although a public VLAN is available for BGP peering, we do not aim to remplace QIX.

For large scale BGP peering with many networks, you should also subscribe to a QIX port.

No, clients directly buy the services from other fabric members.

Yes! If you have a POP in common with Hive, you may order a cross-connect to the fabric. Non-client pricing applies.

Yes! Bulk pricing is available on-demand.

100 Mbps: RJ45

1Gbps: RJ45  or 2x SMF LC-LC

> 1Gbps: 2x SMF LC-LC

Hive provides all the necessary parts up to the client cabinet, with a RJ45 or LC terminaison. The SFP/SFP+ in the client's device must be provided by the client.

1u colocation