Discover Hive’s dedicated server portal features


Hive’s portal for dedicated servers is feature rich with extensive automation to facilitate your deployment.

Here are some screenshots and details about the platform

Main server information

In this section you will find general information about your server.

  • Server status
  • Billing date
  • Installed OS
  • Basic power control options

Server details

In server details you will find your server hostname and the latest bandwidth information

Server components

Under additional information, you will find

  • Server OS
  • Server location
  • Server components
  • Bandwidth and IP packages

OS reinstallation and rescue

Our portal also supported automated installation of Linux and Windows OS and many rescue options for system testing and troubleshooting

Console access

Via a support request, you may ask to have KVM access. This can be used to troubleshoot your OS or install a custom OS / custom software RAID configuration.

IP management

In the IP section you will be able to find all your IPs and gateway information and manage their description and RDNS/PTR entries.

Network monitoring

In the network monitoring section you will be able to find the history of your public bandwidth usage.

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