Fabric Hive Data Center


One Connection

Cost effective

Elastic connectivity

Low latency

Direct access

Fast Deployment

Get connected on day one

No waiting for your cross-connect, no waiting for your carrier to enable your transit port.

0 Gb/s
Network Speed
0 %
< 0 ms

Scalable connectivity

Colocation that feels like Cloud

Get the scalabilty of cloud on your own IT infrastructure get up to 10gbps of internet transit on demand from ISPs on the fabric.

Starting at $0/month*

Making your job easier

One platform for all your needs

Out of band management, internet transit, cloud connectivity, monitoring, internet redundancy

Connect to the cloud

Easy Monitoring

Internet redundancy


Unity is strength

Enable peering within Hive's Ecoystem

Connect to over 12 networks instantly, elastically, today.


The power of Colocation. Taken further

Connect today, scale as needed.


How do I connect to the fabric?
All Hive DC colocation clients get a free cross-connect to the fabric (copper or fiber).
Is the fabric an alternative to QIX?
Absolutely not. Although a public VLAN is available for BGP peering, we do not aim to remplace QIX. For large scale BGP peering with many networks, you should also subscribe to a QIX port.
Does Hive resell network services?
No, clients directly buy the services from other fabric members.
Can third party networks join the fabric?
Yes! If you have a POP in common with Hive, you may order a cross-connect to the fabric. Non-client pricing applies.
Can I use the fabric to connect multiple cabinets?
Yes! Bulk pricing is available on-demand.
What media types are supported?

Single mode fiber is preferred, but RJ45 copper is available on request.

Which party provides the SFPs and fiber?
Hive provides all the necessary parts up to the client cabinet, with a RJ45 or LC terminaison. The SFP/SFP+ in the client’s device must be provided by the client.
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