Hive launches new data center IOT platform


Hive has a unique philosophy in regards of the data center colocation industry. Even if clients rent space and power in colocation facilities for peace of mind, Hive thinks that a colocated data center should feel like your own data center. Therefore, Hive is bringing a new level of transparency into the colo market with Hive IOT.

Hive IOT is our new environmental data collection platform within for the data center industry. Build arround Hive Fabric, our unified virtual connectivity platform, Hive IOT collects all kinds of data points within the data center and displays them in the customer’s client area.

In phase #1, clients will be able to see hot and cold aisle temperatures, humidity, Hive Fabric port usage, and the fiber optic details on their Fabric port (wavelength, dBm, temperature, etc.). All this data is collected on a per-rack or per-pod basis, depending on the need.

A second phase will add power consumption and is planned for Q4 2020.

The team is also planning a third phase that could include airflow, sound and dust monitoring within the data center. Other data points that Hive is considering for custom deployments include cabinet door motion, smoke and voltage monitoring.

We think this is the next level in terms of data center transparency. Our colocation sites are our customer’s sites and they deserve to have access to the critical data regarding their IT.

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