Hive Launches Obkio Public Agent


Hive is glad to announce the deployment of an Obkio Public Agent.

This new server will allow customers to test and validate network performance, between their infrastructure and Hive’s backbone, either internally or from the internet.

Customers with private links to the data center will also be able to validate QOS (Quality of service) between sites.

As new applications require low latency and utmost reliability, Hive’s public agent will help Obkio users pinpoint any network instabilities.

Hive is glad to collaborate with another Montreal-based tech startup, with the ultimate goal of helping organisations deploy better network infrastructure.

– Karl Morin, Data Center Specialist, Hive Data Center

About Obkio

Obkio is a simple Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting SaaS solution that allows users
to continuously monitor the health of their network and core business applications to improve
the end-user experience.

The innovative software application identifies the causes of intermittent VoIP, video, and
applications slowdown in seconds – because nothing is more frustrating than wasting time
due to a faulty connection.

About Hive Data Center

Hive Data Center is a Montreal-based retail data center colocation provider. With customers all
around the world, Hive has become a leading choice for per U and cabinet server colocation in

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