How Hive deploys colocation services for its clients

hive data center deployment process

The process of deploying a data center in a colocation facility includes tons of very small details. Rack height & width, PDU size and type, cross-connects, patch panels, and installation logistics make a whole that determines how good your data center deployment will be.

Unfortunately, in the retail colocation market, its very rare that clients have the opportunity to say anything before the deployment is done. Typically, the client signs the agreement, waits two weeks and comes to the data center to see what has been delivered.

We believe that no matter the size of your deployment, from a single server to multiple cabinets, you must be able to make these choices if desired. Although many clients trust Hive to manage the deployment process for them, others already have their data center preferences.

In order to make sure that clients get exactly what they want every single time, Hive has created a unique deployment process that can include as much or as little client implication as wanted by the end customer.

The deployment process

1- Analysis

The first step is to analyse current and future needs. Space, power, connectivity, cabling, every single detail is taken into account.

Some clients have very little expansion planned and will want to get the most affordable solution available, while others know that they’ll have to add servers (or even full racks) every now and then.

By understanding each clients business model and expansion plans, Hive doesn’t act as a simple provider, but as a partner for IT expansion.

2- Creation

In a second phase, our expert data center team will plan every single detail of the deployment. Power specs, PDU model, cross-connects, cable management within the cabinet(s) and hardware acquisition.

Its at this stage where clients can really see their future data center come together. Although it might seem time costly, but it ends up saving time compared to deploying the cabinets and changing components afterwards.

“But my deadlines are very tight” – We hear that one quote a lot. No worries, if you don’t have the time to go with a custom solution, we have standard deployment reciepies that can be deployed in less than 48 hours.

Hive can even provide all the servers and cabling you need for your next data center deployment!

Did you know?

3- Planification

Now that we have a solid plan of how we will deploy each cabinet of your deployment, its time to put precise deployment dates on each step.

Cabinet installation, power connection, internet transit activation, server shipment & installation, etc.

Each step of the process can include the client’s word or be 100% seamless.

4- Deployment

It’s D-day! Now that the client is statisfied with the plans and deployment specs, we get to work.

Hive’s deployments are always done with the best standards and in time.

Need help for your next data center deployment? We are here to help! Contact-us.

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