What is 1u server colocation?


1U server colocation, also called per U or shared colocation, is the service that allows your company to host IT equipment in an enterprise-quality data center by only paying on a “per server” basis.

Typical server colocation requires your company to rent a full cabinet (42-48u). Although this is pretty standard for most medium-sized companies, not all SMBs can afford C$800-1500 per month for a cabinet, or simply don’t have the need for more than a few servers.

1U server colocation is perfect for SMBs that want to host their servers in a proper data center to ensure 24/7 uptime and utmost security. Other use cases include backup servers in an off-site location, distributed POPs in multiple cities, and more.

Renting space in a data center is more cost effective than renting hardware and gives you more control on your infrastructure. Also, due to the network density of colocation data centers, internet bandwidth is 20-50% cheaper than delivering the same capacity at your office.

Hive’s Data Center as a Service (DCaaS) allows your company to start with a single server and scale as you grow, without having to commit to a full cabinet.

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