What is data center colocation?

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Data center colocation is the service of renting space, power and security in dedicated IT hosting facilites. IT equipment requires 24/7 power, cooling and high level security.

In the past, companies that wanted to own their IT hardware for technical, legal, and economical reasons, had to build their own server room or data center. Redundant cooling units, batteries, generators, and even fire prevention equipment were required to do so. Any company going down that route had to expense hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so.

With demand from tens of companies of all sizes for high-quality data center space, data center providers allow clients to benefit from the economies of scale. Instead of putting down a huge check and having to maintain a data center, companies can now simply rent at a fixed cost their space and power they need to run their IT.

On all aspects of the data center architecture, larger scales make it more financially efficient. Power comes at lower rates, generators are available at a lower cost per KW and so are some cooling units.

Overall, data center colocation allows your company to benefit from highly redundant infrastructure to ensure your IT runs 24/7/365, while only paying a fixed fee according to its needs. Your IT department can now focus on their job while the critical infrastructure is maintained by professionnals and monitored by security agents.

If you are currently hosting your servers in your own office space, you should consider server colocation services. Whether you have a few servers or multiple racks, Hive Data Center can help you transition to a more secured and redundant IT infrastructure. You can have a look at our pricing here. If you’re not quite familiar with colocation services, contact our data center specialists on the live chat.

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