Why Hive is the best 1U server colocation provider in Montreal


Hive’s team has put a lot of effort into making its 1U server colocation services the best available in Montreal. Although most colocation services look similar on the surface, there are tons of small details that make a huge difference in quality.

Proximity and 100% dedication

Hive’s team is 100% local and dedicated to the shared colocation customer base. For large providers, per U colo is an afterthought and resellers use third party remote hands to manage shared colo.

All of Hive?s infrastructure is internally managed and technicians are never more than a few minutes away from customer equipment. No middle-man.

Upmost redundancy and security

Hive really took a long time to select the right partners for its services. All data center pods that Hive uses use at least full redundancy on the power with 2N distribution to each customer server by default and have a minimum of 6 layers of security, including biometric authentication.

Hive uses the same data centers as large Cloud providers and Government agencies to allow SMBs to benefit from the same standards as large organizations have.

Well thought connectivity

Other than Hive’s internet services that use diverse fiber entries, Hive has really put some energy into tailoring its offering to SMBs.

It makes no sense for small-sized companies to rent dedicated cross-connects between their servers and to reach network providers. Therefore, Hive has deployed Hive Fabric, a unified and scalable infrastructure to connect anything to anyone.

Hive Fabric is really the next step in terms of shared colocation. A client can start with a 1U server in data center pod A and add another server in 3 months in pod Z and connect them just like they were right next to each other. Hive Fabric also allows customers to connect to any other client on the platform, enabling great business between customers.

Via Hive Fabric, all clients also receive a free IPMI / Out-of-band-management port allowing clients to manage their hardware as if they were in the data center, but from home.

Unmatched scalability

  • No other provider in Montreal allows clients to easily scale as they need as Hive does.
  • From a single 1U server to a distributed cluster of servers in different data center pods.
  • From a single 100Mb/s to a full 10Gb/s port.
  • From a few IP addresses to hundreds of subnets.
  • Hive makes colocation feel like Cloud.

Added value

Small things also make a difference:

  • Free rack & stack of all client equipment.
  • Free color-coded power & network cables.
  • Access to Hive IoT, enabling full transparency regarding network usage, data center temperature & humidity, and power consumption.
  • Free BGP routing
  • Access to a variety of carriers; Cogent, Fibrenoire, Bell, Telus, Rogers, Zayo, Beanfield, QIX & more.
  • Access to affordable and performant refurbished last-gen hardware.

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